Google Talk brings user icon and chat themes

Google Talk brings user icon and chat themes

Search engine giants Google has finally given a thought to bring in more funky features to their instant messenger application. The latest beta version of the application comes with features like user icon and chat themes.

Like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk users can now use an image to represent themselves on Google Talk. In addition, they can also select from a range of themes to give a UI overhaul to their chat windows.

As with other messenger applications, user can rollover a contact’s image to see more details on them in an info box. This works similar to how Google Talk works from inside Gmail web mail interface.

They have updated the interface of the Google Talk window and Add & View all contacts are now buttons. Display alerts now have a close button and users can right click on them for extra commands. There is more but play with it yourself!

Google Talk

Download: Google Talk Testing Version

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