Google starts merging Orkut with Google Plus

Google starts merging Orkut with Google Plus

Google Plus has become the primary social offering from Google in the recent months. But they still have to find a solution to get rid of Orkut.

Orkut failed to succeed in the US market but it did become insanely popular in some markets like India and Brazil.

It has lost the charm for users in these markets as well and the network is literally dying.

Google is trying its best to get Orkut users to migrate to Google Plus and they have rolled out an update in that direction.

Orkut users can now link their profiles with their Google Plus account. And they can now share their public content from Google Plus to their Orkut profile.

Google said:

After you link your profiles, your Orkut profile photo and name will be the same as your Google+ photo and name. In addition, you will be able to share all your public Google+ posts with your Orkut friends. Your Google+ posts to limited audience or specific circles will remain on Google+ only and will be subject to your privacy settings. As a result, linking your profiles will also make it easier for your Orkut friends to find you on Google+.

Google starts merging Orkut with Google Plus

This remains an optional setting for now. Though we believe that eventually Google would push all Orkut users to switch to Google Plus.

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