Google opens Google Space booth at Heathrow Airport

Google opens Google Space booth at Heathrow Airport

Search Engine giant Google is now testing some real world services as they have just launched an Internet cafe-style computing booth in London’s Heathrow Airport. They call this test project Google Space and it would be entertaining the waiting passengers at the airport with their latest pilot projects and other internet related services.

This temporary setup contains ten Samsung laptops in the public lounge of Terminal One at London’s main airport. It would be handled by two Google employees from 0700 to 1900 every day for the duration of the trial. The trial would continue till December 19. The search engine company would be bringing in employs from their worldwide centers to handle the center.

Google has admitted that in addition to helping the customers by providing information and access to internet, they would also be using Google Space to test their new services and products. Lorraine Twohill, Google’s European director of marketing said in a statement: “Google Space will help people make wasted time more useful. And for Google, Space is a live lab where people can test our most-up-to-date products, and give us their feedback.”

The company plans to expand this test project to other similar locations if their experiment at the Heathrow Airport is successful.

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