Google confirms testing of a revamped search result page

Google confirms testing of a revamped search result page

Google has confirmed the rumors going on in the market that they are indeed testing out minor changes to the layouts of their search result pages. Many users have reported online and posted screenshots of such new layouts, which are coming up randomly during searching on Google.

One of the major UI change in the new layout is the addition of a left column, which displays some graphs related to the search for keyword. This column also has links to search the same keyword on other services provided by Google. These options are generally found at the top of the page as of now.

Google has confirmed that they are indeed testing out implementing certain changes to the search result pages on their primary search engine service at The company said in a statement: “We’re continually testing new interfaces and features to enhance the user experience. This is one such test, which only a small percentage of users will see.”

One such screenshot can be seen here.

Update: Another interesting screenshot of a possible Google Update: here.

Update: Another Google Homepage Update Noticed!
The links related to the searched for keyword on other Google services now appears as expandable options. This is to perhaps save some precious screen space, which can result in a cluttered search result page! Here is a screenshot.

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