Google Schemer to let you plan stuff to do offline!

Some Google developers have collaborated together to create a new service named Schemer.

Google Schemer is designed to let you plan stuff to do offline. Collaborate with friends to do it. And once it is done, mark it as done and share it with friends.

Google has also collaborated with several brands and celebrities as partners in this project to come up with new ideas.

Current partners:

* Bravo
* Entertainment Weekly
* Food Network
* GeekDad / GeekMom
* Idealist
* Lifehacker
* National Geographic
* Outside
* Real Simple
* Rolling Stone
* Southern Living
* Time Out
* Thrillist
* US Department of the Interior
* Zagat

Developers said:

Schemer is based on a simple yet powerful concept: schemes. A scheme is any activity you’d like to do. Here are a few examples created by our users:

* Play the big piano at FAO Schwarz
* Watch every movie made by Christopher Nolan
* Bike up to Hawk Hill at dawn to catch the sunrise
* Make genmaicha Rice Krispie treats

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