Google resisting pressures from the US government

Google resisting pressures from the US government

Search engine giants Google has refused to give in to the demands of U.S. Department of Justice who have issued a subpoena against them to provide them with certain amount of information on their search engine results and hits from regular web users. The US DOJ want to access these records with the aim of checking whether the law designed to protect minors from pornographic Web sites is indeed effective or not.

However, Google is trying hard on resisting the pressure from the government organization, which would result in a dent in their online reputation. The company is said to have been approached by the department of justice sometime last year and now faces enforcement of this demand by the relevant authorities.

Charles Miller, a spokesperson for the Justice Department said in a statement: “We also approached Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. They all complied with our request.” The spokesperson from these companies has admitted that they had to comply with the law and had to provide the information demanded by the US DOJ. Miller added: “We are concerned about whether the parental-control filters provided by antivirus programs are effective in blocking access to harmful-to-minor Web sites.”

He further said: “We will do a statistical analysis of the information provided by the search-engine companies to compare the effectiveness of filters in blocking access to pornographic Web sites as against the effectiveness of the Child Online Protection Act (COBA), which was passed into law in 1998.”

Google on their part claims that they are not a party in the claim and hence are not legally bounded to provide the information desired by the US DOJ. The company said in a statement: “Google is not a party to this lawsuit and their (the Justice Department’s) demand for information overreaches. We had lengthy discussions with them to try to resolve this, but were not able to and we intend to resist their motion vigorously.”

It is nice to see a tech company so popular online defending the rights of the citizens to maintain their secrecy online.

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