Google to move searching records out of China

Google to move searching records out of China

Search engine giants Google has learned from the pressure it has come under by the US government to disclose a certain number of search records. The company is now working on moving search records out of China and into the United States.

This step has been taken to ensure the privacy of the web users who uses the Google China search engine. The company is already facing a lot of criticism over their decision to bow down to Chinese government’s pressure to censor the results on this search engine specifically designed for the Chinese web users.

A Google representative said in a statement on why they are moving the search records out of china: “We didn’t want to be in the position of having to hand over these kinds of records to the government.” It is pretty clear that they don’t want to disclose similar records to the Chinese government as demanded by the US government.

The search engine company uses search records to evaluate the kind of searches and results a user prefer to make and helps them in customizing the engine for a specific user if he/she so desires. The records are also helpful in collecting statistics for internal research on what kinds of results are generally preferred by the customers.

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