Google Plus is pushing What’s Hot posts individually in user streams

Google seems to have made a change on how they promote the content from What’s Hot section in user streams.

Previously, the company inserted a single post with scrollable content to go through the top eight posts on the Google Plus’ What’s Hot section.

Google Plus is pushing What's Hot posts individually in user streams

They are now pushing individual items from What’s Hot section in the user streams at random intervals.

This means that you are going to see posts appearing from people/pages you might not be following at multiple places in your primary stream.

We are sure that this is not going to make a lot folks happy. There was a lot of criticism when Google started pushing What’s Hot in personal streams… The latest update is simply going too far!

Update: The good thing is that What’s Hot has received the slider that is available in different circle streams. So, you can control how much content is pushed to your stream. So, basically you can block it completely if you want to!

Google Plus is pushing What's Hot posts individually in user streams

This is one of the many ways, Google seems to be trying to increase interactivity on the Google Plus platform. A lot of people criticize Google Plus because they see no activity in their streams because they follow few people. What’s Hot posts appearing in individual streams would ensure that they would see the hottest content on the network on their Google Plus homepage which might boost their interest in the platform.

There is one problem I noticed with the hiding feature. Google Plus Pages does not have a What’s Hot option in their left column, so they do not get the ability to hide these posts from appearing on their streams.

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