Google claims, servers power bill might exceed their initial cost

Google claims, servers power bill might exceed their initial cost

Google engineers are claiming that the way servers are heading, soon it would become more expensive to run them than buying them. And this might become bad news for companies like Google, which relies highly on these web servers. Expert Luiz Andre Barroso said in a statement: “If performance per watt is to remain constant over the next few years, power costs could easily overtake hardware costs, possibly by a large margin.”

He added: “The possibility of computer equipment power consumption spiraling out of control could have serious consequences for the overall affordability of computing, not to mention the overall health of the planet.” This is good news for companies developing and promoting low power consuming servers like Sun Microsystems.

The company recently launched its Sun Fire T2000 server, whose 72-watt UltraSparc T1 “Niagara” processor performs more work per watt than rivals do. This power usage has also become a big topic of discussion between the two major developers in the PC market, Intel and AMD. AMD’s Opteron server processor consumes a maximum of 95 watts, while Intel’s Xeon consumes between 110 watts and 165 watts. This is leading to a situation where AMD is taking more control over the server markets.

Intel has announced their plans to develop products for the server market that are low power consuming. However, it would take a while before their new products are out in the market.

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