Google Photos finally gets the much needed commenting functionality

Update… Sadly, the functionality is poorly implemented and has a lot of UI related issues.

Google today announced a major new feature update on their Google Photos platform. The company is now allowing members of the shared albums to comment on photos. Until now, you had to share the photos on a third party platform like Google+ to get the ability to comment on them. But now, Google Photos has support for native comments.

Google said:

Starting today, people who join the album can add comments to photos and the album itself. So you can give your friend’s photo of her lunch and your mom’s photos of the cat the response it deserves, without leaving the app.

Google Photos finally gets the much needed commenting functionality

Google also added another useful functionality in today’s update. The app would now suggest photos from your own library that can be added to a collaborative album. Google is probably going to check for dates and GPS data to see if there are images that were potentially taken at the same event and recommend them. This is a pretty handy feature for shared albums focused on events.

Plus, to make it easier to add your own photos to a received shared album, you’ll now see smart suggestions for the right photos to add. No more searching for photos from last weekend’s birthday party and picking out the perfect ones – now you can add your best photos from the event in one tap.

Commenting and smart suggestions in shared albums Shared albums have always…

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