Google expected to challenge Perfect 10 ruling

Google expected to challenge Perfect 10 ruling

Search engine market leaders Google have said that that are considering appealing the federal court ruling that would prevent them from displaying thumbnail pictures of copyrighted images of adult magazine Perfect 10.

The company recently lost a case to magazine Perfect 10, which had sued them, claiming that Google was causing them financial losses by indexing copyrighted images owned by them hosted on third party sites.

The U.S. District Court Judge Howard Matz then granted the magazine a preliminary injunction against Google. However, the judge also ruled that the search engine company was doing nothing wrong by indexing images and storing smaller versions on their servers for making them available for searching on the internet.

Google lawyer Michael Kwun said in a statement on this judgment: “We anticipate that any preliminary injunction will have no effect on the vast majority of image searches, and will affect only searches related to Perfect 10.”

Perfect 10 publisher Norm Zada on the other end showed his satisfaction in a statement: “We are very gratified that the Court ruled that Perfect 10 is likely to succeed on a key part of its claims against Google.”

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