Google denies that it’s talking with Napster

Google denies that it’s talking with Napster

Search engine giants Google recently entered into the video sales market by launching the Google Video Store. The company is letting anyone and everyone sell their created videos on the net and is taking a small share from these sales. This puts it in competition with Apple iTunes, which also sells video clips and television series episodes on the net.

However, the big bucks at the moment are in online music sales and the rumors in the market suggested that Google was talking with Napster for a possible deal. However, the search engine has now responded that they are not talking on a possible alliance with the company, which competes with Apple in the digital music sales market.

The rumors in the market about a possible acquisition deal sent Napster shares up more than 40 percent in early trading on NASDAQ. Google’s office in USA has not issued a formal statement yet, though a representative in Google’s U.K. office told Reuters, “I can completely deny the report”.

She further added to this statement: “No, we have no plans at this time to develop a music store, or to compete with existing online and offline music retailers.”

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