Google making drastic changes to their privacy policy

Google has announced a major change in how they implement privacy policies across their network.

Google making drastic changes to their privacy policy

The company said that they are releasing a new privacy policy that covers all their different products and services.

Until now, all of their products had different privacy policies which made it complicated for them and the users to manage.

This means that you now have a single document to check out to see what Google does with your data across their network.

Google said that they currently have around 70 different privacy policies applicable to their network of products and services.

The new privacy policy would be applicable from March 1 and you would have to comply if you want to use any Google branded service.

Google added:

We believe this new, simpler policy will make it easier for people to understand our privacy practices as well as enable Google to improve the services we offer. Whether you’re a new Google user or an old hand, please do take the time to read our new privacy policy and terms, learn more about the changes we’re making and understand the controls we offer.

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