Google maintains their position on search engine data delivery to government

Google maintains their stand on search engine data delivery to government

Search engine giant Google recently came under fire from the US government after it refused to give into the demands to submit some data related to searches made on their search engine. The latest information related to this story is that the company has again stood still on their stand and has formally rejected the U.S. Justice Department’s subpoena.

Google is arguing that the demand violates their policies of revealing personal information of their customers and users and also would lead to revealing of their trade secrets. The company also added that the government’s demand to disclose Web search data was impractical.

The US government wants the data from the world’s most used online search engine service as part of a bid by the Justice Department to appeal a 2004 Supreme Court injunction of a law to penalize Web site operators who allow children to view pornography.

Surprisingly, Google is the lone player in the search engine market who is fighting for the cause of their user’s rights. Both MSN and Yahoo! have admitted that they have complied with the court’s ruling and submitted the relevant data. The company said in a filing with the authorities: “Google users trust that when they enter a search query into a Google search box … that Google will keep private whatever information users communicate absent a compelling reason.”

Bloggers around the world have also argued that Google is right in declining this request from the government and their online privacy should be maintained. Both MSN and Yahoo! have been criticized to give in to government’s demand and not coming out with this in public before the Google’s decline made news in the media.

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