Google Plus no longer has the incoming stream

Google has removed the incoming stream from their Google Plus platform.

We think that this is a bad move as it enabled users to check the posts from people who are following them (but you are not following them back).

Google Plus developers said that you can still check out the people following you from the Circles option in Plus.

Google developer Dave Besbris added:

Based on your feedback and our user research, we learned that the “Incoming” stream was a very confusing part of Google+. Not surprisingly, this feedback was reflected in very low usage of the “Incoming” stream compared to the rest of Google+, so we decided to remove it and simplify things.

I’ve also heard that some of you were using the “Incoming” stream to find people who added you to their circles so you can add them back. The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under “people who have added you -> not yet in circles”.

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