Google launches time lapse videos of Earth imagery to show damage caused by humans

Landsat timelapse tour of the Amazon rainforest shows the spread of deforestation between 1999 (left) and 2011 (right).

Google has launched a new project in collaboration with USGS and Carnegie Mellon University.

They are making available time lapse videos of Earth imagery from around the world to showcase the damage that is being caused by human activities.

The videos showcases satellite imagery from 1999 to 2011 and you can actually see how the planet is being transformed because of the explosion in population.

Google said:

We’re working with the USGS and Carnegie Mellon University, to make parts of this enormous collection of imagery available to the public in time-lapse videos of the Earth’s surface. With them you can travel through time, from 1999-2011, to see the transformation of our planet. Whether it’s deforestation in the Amazon, urban growth in Las Vegas or the difference in snow coverage between the seasons.

All of these data is being offered through Google Earth Engine.

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