Google launches search engine for mobile users

Google launches search engine for mobile users

Not all websites on the Internet are developed for the Personal Computers. There are a whole range of sites developed to provide content to users surfing from mobiles and PDAs. These sites use different coding structures optimized for smaller screens and until now, it was difficult to search for specifically mobile optimized content.

Google now has a solution for these particular web users. They have launched a new search engine developed to crawl these optimized pages for mobiles. These pages are stored in a different database than its regular search engine database. User can simply type in a search query and choose Mobile Web (beta) as the search option to search for this mobile optimized content.

Google software engineer Steven Schirripa said in a statement about this new development: “How different is it than standard web search? There are sites out there that have already been designed for your mobile phone, which makes them more navigable on the small screen. So we’ve created an index specifically for these sites.”

The company has until now offered services like local and image searches, and Google SMS for the mobile users. This just makes it even better for them.

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