Google is popular in China as per survey results

Google is popular in China as per survey results

Despite the fact that is the most popular search engine in the Chinese market, Google is not doing badly either. A survey conducted by Keynote Systems took into consideration opinions from around 1,200 Internet users and claimed that the US based search engine industry giants Google came in first in 11 of 13 categories in the survey.

This means that Google is definitely in a good position to challenge the domination of in China if it gets more offensive in their approach in this ever-growing market of internet users. Chinese government data itself claims that is preferred by as many as 48 percent of users in the country.

The surveyors were surprised to see how Google search engine dominated their research in China. They conducted their survey on users of Chinese language versions of popular online services like Google, Baidu,, and Google entered this market pretty late and have done rather well.

A recently report from the Chinese government claims that there are as many as 111 million net users in the country which places this country in second position in the world after United States. The US based giants know the importance of this market and have been offensive in expanding their operations in China.

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