Google introduces Google Print in Europe

Google introduces Google Print in Europe

Google just increased the support for their Google Print program to the European countries. This would help them getting a little closer to the ambition of making all the information available in the world accessible to the common man through Google web based services. Now, Book publishers in five European companies can apply to join the program to get their books and other content indexed by Google and made available through Google Print website.

The five countries are France, Italy, Germany, Holland, and Spain. And the company has now enabled the publishers in these countries to send their books to Google. The company then scans and adds the content of these books to the indexes of Google. The benefit for the publisher is that any user searching for the content or these books gets a ‘Buy This Book’ button leading them to leading online retailers of these books.

In addition, the publishers also get a cut of any revenue generated by pay-per-click advertising shown against the search results. This news compliments another news from Google, which says that the company has rolled out domain-specific versions of its English-language book search to 14 countries.

This extended service to European countries already has found its takers in the form of publishers like Grupo Planeta and Grupo Anaya in Spain; De Boeck and Editions De L’Eclat of France; Springer Science & Business Media in Holland; and the Italian Giunti Editore.

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