Google in China: Politically Correct?

Google in China: Politically Correct?

One of the best things I like about the Internet is the boundary-less nature of this amazing network. I can check out user views of people (from here in India) around the world on the India issues. There is no censorship when it comes to expressing views on the net and normally search engines are unbiased on their preference of indexing pages.

However, reports from media watchdog Reporters without Borders claim that Google is making changes in their search engines and news website to conform to pressures from the Chinese Government. Not only the original Google News (USA Version) is reportedly inaccessible for Chinese users, but they also get to see the filtered results in the main Google searches.

Google recently launched the Chinese edition of Google News website which this group claims filter out specific kind of news. This version is accessible to Chinese users. Reuters reports that many other Chinese specific sites are doing the same including the popular portals like,, and

Looks like the democracy of the Internet is being crushed by the requirements of the market. China is a big potential market for any major corporation and Google it seems has taken the safer approach by being politically correct.

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