Google has personalized homepages in store for mobile users

Google has personalized homepages in store for mobile users

Google has taken another step in becoming a web portal for their users. The company already offered a personalized homepage section where users could customize the information they wanted to see including updates from some popular news sources. Now, they are offering a similar homepage for their mobile users.

This facility is available in the US currently and has been tailored for use in some of the most recently introduced mobile phones. This customized homepage would allow the mobile Google users to conduct Web searches and check Gmail e-mail, news headlines, local weather reports or a list of stock prices from a single customized webpage.

Google is just one of the many search engines and web services providers aiming to tap the growing market of mobile internet users. Yahoo! recently launched their Yahoo! Go service, which was aimed at mobile users to let them use more of Yahoo! services from their mobile phones. Microsoft, America Online and InfoSpace are other players in the market planning to offer services customized for mobile users.

Google has further plans to expand the scope of this new service to other markets as they make the relevant changes in their services. Deep Nishar, Google’s product manager for wireless services said in a statement on their upcoming plans: “A phone is a device you carry with you all the time. It is really an extension of people’s personalities. We feel that is very important that the information you care about is just one click away.”

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