Google enhances flight search data on their search engine

Google has announced some updates to flight data that is accessible from their search engine through Flights option in the left column. Google acquired ITA to enhance their search engine with this information…

Google enhances flight search data on their search engine

The company spoke about the new enhancements:

Starting today, we’ll begin showing flight information right in your Google search results on certain flight related searches. For example, if you search for [flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas] you’ll see a table that shows available flights, including duration and prices. You can adjust dates on the page, or click any flight to further research and book your trip.

Over the next couple days, you’ll start to see the flight results appear for searches whose origins and destinations are currently supported by our Flight Search feature. In the short term, those results are limited to domestic US flights. The flight schedule feature will continue to provide information about nonstop routes around the world and across 11 languages.

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