Google launches Google Finance Beta

Google launches Google Finance Beta

Search engine giants Google have finally launched their own finance related section called Google Finance. It is currently in beta stage (as usual with Google). The company was till now using services from third party including Yahoo!

Google Finance is a totally revamped section of its Web site which provides information about the stock market and corporate America. This is just a latest step taken by the company to enhance their offerings to compete with rivals like Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL.

Yahoo! is currently the global leaders in this segment with 31.4 million unique visitors worldwide as per statistics released by comScore Media Metrix. It is followed by MSN’s Money section, which has a global following with 21.9 million unique visitors. AOL finance section comes third with 14.3 million visitors worldwide.

Finance is an important section for these web services considering users spend a lot of time on these online services studying and analyzing stocks. This give web services more time to serve contextual advertisement to make more revenues.

Checkout: Google Finance Beta

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