Google expands book search mission to Europe

Google expands book search mission to Europe

Search engine giants Google are now turning their attention to Europe to expand their book search service. The company aims to scan and digitize thousands and thousands of books published in the European countries to make them searchable on the internet.

However, they are being careful this time around. They have already suffered multiple lawsuits in their homeland related to their book search facility where publishers claim that it accounts to copyright violation. Google on their part claims that they are doing so to make it easier for web users to find rare books and purchase them online.

Jans Redmer, European director of Google Book Search said in a statement on their European mission: “The biggest threat is not piracy or the Napsterisation of content. It is obsolescence. Content that does not get found, is lost. The risk perceived here is far outweighed by the opportunities for readers and publishers.”

The company is facing increased competition from their rivals as both Yahoo! and Microsoft have unveiled similar projects to scan and digitize books.

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