Google Plus makes it easy to block comment spammers

Google Plus developers have delivered a useful new update for spam control.

Now, when you report a comment spam on the network, Google Plus would immediately allow you to block the poster of that comment.

Google Plus makes it easy to block comment spammers

This comes handy at times when you are being targeted by a group of spammers on the Plus network.

Blocking would immediately remove all posts by that user on your own personal network.

Google Plus developers spoke about this improved functionality:

With this in mind we recently improved our comment moderation system ( And starting today, when you delete or report a comment on your post, you’ll then have the option to immediately block that person.

Blocking someone is a big deal (read more at, so definitely think before you click. We just want to make sure you have the tools you need to build a community that makes you feel at home.

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