Google CR-48 owners would not get Chrome 19 update

Google Chrome OS developers have announced that they are not going to deliver the Chrome 19 update to the owners of CR-48 netbook.

CR-48 was a test netbook running Chrome OS that was given away for free on a first come first serve basis.

Google CR-48 owners would not get Chrome 19 update

These machines were pretty underpowered to run modern operating systems but they have sort of worked fine with Chrome OS.

But looks like the new features of Chrome are becoming too much for it to handle.

The good news is that Google developers plan to support it in the future after skipping the Chrome 19 release.

The developers said in a statement:

We’ll be skipping the Chrome 19 update for CR-48 users due to platform considerations. To be clear, we’re still committed to supporting CR-48 devices. Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 Chromebooks will receive R19 and we’ll bring CR-48 devices back onto the release train after R19. In the meantime, CR-48s will continue to receive security and critical updates as necessary.

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