Google Chrome 6.0.437.x released on dev channel

Google Chrome 6.0.437.x released on dev channel

Update 2: Google has released a quick update. Google 6.0.437.3 is being issued to dev channel users on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Update: This build is being delayed as users have reported too many crashes with it.

Google Chrome developers have released a new build for the users on dev channel.

The latest builds are:

Google Chrome 6.0.437.1 for Windows and Linux
Google Chrome 6.0.437.2 for Mac OS X


[r49492] Detach Reload from omnibox, combine with Stop, and eliminate Go. (Issue: 45745).
[r49712] Implemented initial version of extension syncing. (Issue (with instructions on how to enable): 32413, but see 46742).
The onChanged event is now working in the extensions experimental cookies API.
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[r49442] Faster scrolling on 10.6 (Issue: 45553).
[r49536] Fix a bug where menu items would be disabled if no windows were open. (Issue: 46355)
[r49458] Undo experiment where we used the tab theme image as the frame in popup windows. We now always use the default blue frame, matching Windows instead of matching Mac. (Issue: 43938)
[r49467] Side tabs for content settings window (Issue: 45546)
[r49451] Fix restore button doing nothing in certain circumstances (Issue: 46232)
Known Issues
Some images for the main toolbar are wrong (the Stop button is incorrectly squared off on Windows and Linux, and the omnibox edges are wrong on Mac).

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