Google Chrome 5.0.375.17 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome 5.0.375.17 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome developers have listened to the people complaining about the recent changes in the development builds of the popular web browser.

They have reverted back the changes (like removal of http:// from the address bar) though they might add them back with more refinements.

Google Chrome 5.0.375.17 is now being issued to dev channel users on Windows and Mac OS X.


Disabled profile based Autofill (this will return in a future release)
Various UI features related to the url bar/ omnibox have been removed from this release (e.g. http:// truncation, star icon, etc…)

We are currently examining ways to address the usability issues that were raised and plan to reintroduce in a future release
Various crash fixes
We have restored the shortcuts for the bookmarks bar and bookmarks manager (Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Shift+B respectively)
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Known Issues
Drop down box does not close after clicking on the expand arrow a second time. (Issue: 42350)

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