Google Chrome 5.0.366.x released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome 5.0.366.x released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome developers have released new builds for the users on dev channel.

Google Chrome 5.0.366.2 is now available for Windows and Linux users.

Google Chrome 5.0.366.0 is being delivered to Mac OS X users.


[r42843] Fixed a bug with incognito extensions like RSS Subscription. (Issue: 39351)
[r42400] Will no longer automatically offer to translate in incognito mode. (Issue: 38107)
[r42981] Fix file upload code to not hang the HTTP session when the file is unreadable. (Issue: 30850)
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[r42411] Improvements to the bookmark manager (Issue: 39085)
[r42548] Re-enable pinned tabs; add support for mini and app tabs. (Issue: 36798)
[r43157] Fix selection issues with the cookie manager after deleting cookies. (Issue: 33320)
Some minor UI changes in the omnibox.
Recent regressions in font rendering have been fixed.
Known Issues
The location bar is undergoing renovation. Please excuse our dust.
The bookmark bar is not visible on the New Tab Page, will be fixed in next dev channel. Temporary workaround to bring it back is to enable it with a keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+B”.

Google spoke about this build:

WebGL support in Chrome now runs inside the security sandbox. If you
have been testing WebGL, please remove the –no-sandbox flag from your
Chrome options. WebGL may be enabled via the –enable-webgl command
line option.

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