Google Chrome 5.0.342.1 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome 5.0.342.1 released on Dev Channel

Google has released a new build for the users on Chrome Dev Channel.

Google Chrome 5.0.342.1 is now the latest release.

Google ChromeFrame has also been updated. The latest edition is 5.0.342.0.



Extension content scripts no longer run multiple times after fragment (ie #hash) navigations (Issue:35924)
Early version of Geolocation API now available with following caveats:
To enable, run the browser with –enable-geolocation
Wifi based location is only supported on Windows and Mac (not OSX 10.6 for now)
Permissions are not persisted (will re-prompt every time) and associated UI is incomplete.


Improved plugin stability (Issue:35081,36928)
AutoFill Preferences UI Updates
Translate infobars are now implemented (Issue:34466)
Mac History menu now has favicons and no longer lists duplicates of Recently Closed sites
(Issues: 20464 and 21314)
Added HTML5 databases to the Mac cookie manager (Issue: 35191)

Chrome Frame
Fixed crashes and improved cookie behavior (Issues: ​34687, ​34687, ​36985, 36510, ​34151)

Known Issues

Chrome crashes when setting prompt for cookies/data (Issue: 37426)
The “Show details” link on cookie/data prompt doesn’t work (Issue: 37428)

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