Google Chrome 20 launched in stable channel!

Google Chrome 20 launched in stable channel!

Google has released a new stable build of Chrome web browser. With this update Chrome has now reached version 20.

Interestingly, Google has just revealed this update on the Chrome Releases blog. There is no official announcement on the official Chrome blog which talks about the major new features in this build.

Google does talk about the security bugs that were fixed in this release. Wikipedia highlight these changes:

Enable the Chrome To Mobile page action for users with compatible registered devices.
Panorama View. Tabs have a minimum width and begin to stack at the sides. The tabs (excluding the current tab) closest to the current tab are on top.
Experimental touch friendly UI adjustments. Context menus have extra vertical padding between items.
Experimental PeerConnection APIs for WebRTC functionality.
Wider “new tab” button.

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