Google CL2: Google Calendar coming up?

Google CL2: Google Calendar coming up?

We now have some solid proof of a potential calendar application coming from the search engine giant in the next couple of days. Just discovered this on A Google user was checking out the various settings available to him on Google Accounts and he landed on a page where Google lets the user decide on the most regularly used Google services for easy access.

And surprisingly, one of the links on that page pointed to an unknown section called: Google CL2. It is followed by the punch line ‘A calendar for you and the world’ which makes it pretty clear that the company is more or less scheduled to launch yet another innovative product to their users online.

We have heard a lot of gossips about such a possible project being undertaken at the search engine company and this makes it the most accurate pointer to Google Calendar service. We are now waiting eagerly for the company to come out with a statement or the launch of the service.

Google CL2: Google Calendar

If you want to check this out for yourself, point your browser here.

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