Google Buzz gets a widget on Android platform

Google Buzz gets a widget on Android platform

Apparently, Google was in such a hurry to launch their Buzz platform that they did not release an Android widget at launch time.

The company has now made available such a widget now that all the controversies surrounding the launch of Buzz have somewhat calmed.

Google Buzz widget for Android would let the user post a new status update without opening up the web browser.

Google spoke about this new feature addition:

You can post buzz about a great meal you had and share photos of the new restaurant. To save time, your posts will upload in the background, letting you get back to your scrumptious dessert without a wait.

One problem for us… With so many widgets available, we are finding it hard to accommodate all of them on our Nexus One! Google also recently released a widget for Google Latitude which takes half the screen space on our phone.

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