Google Apps now let you undelete a user account!

Google has rolled out a major new feature on their Apps platform. This update is based on user feedback.

Google Apps administrators can now undelete an account. This feature is available for accounts that were deleted in the last five days. Google said that most if not all of the data should be restored through this feature. This can come handy in case of accidental account deletions. This feature would also come handy if your Apps account was hacked and manipulated.

There are a couple of conditions however:

– You must have super administrator privileges.
– You can only restore users that have been deleted in the past five days.
– The deleted user name must not match an existing group name or another active user’s email address or alias. If it does, you’ll see a ‘username already exists’ error message.
– You can’t exceed your maximum number of user licenses. If you try to restore a deleted user when you don’t have an available license, you’ll see a ‘domain is over user limit’ error message.
– The option to undelete users is only visible in the top-level organization even if the deleted user was in a sub organization.

This feature is available on: Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

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