Google Android 2.2 Froyo is likely to blow away the competition

Google Android 2.2 Froyo is likely to blow away the competition

If you thought Android 2 was an awesome update… Just wait for Android 2.2 to arrive.

Google Android 2.2 could be the version that could pretty much take on the upcoming iPhone OS 4 update and demolish it (except for the Apple fanboys of course).

This is a major feature update from Google and it is likely to arrive sometime next month for some of the recent Android devices.

Google Android 2.2 would ship with a just-in-time compiler that would significantly improve the performance of some of the core applications.

Android web browser would now ship with the V8 JavaScript engine that powers the Chrome on Desktop. It is also likely to significantly improve web browsing on the device.

Android 2.2 would allow users to backup their applications along with the data in case they are switching to another device.

There is a new feature that enables you to send data to your phone from your desktop using the Internet. This feature is pretty useful as you can install apps on your phone using your computer wirelessly.

Google Android would support streaming from your desktop using technologies acquired by Google from SimplifyMedia.

Google Android 2.2 would also include in-built support for tethering. Your Android device would then work like a Wi-Fi router!

Of course, this new edition of Android would also ship with Adobe Flash Player.

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