Google AdSense testing rich media ads

Google AdSense testing rich media ads

Online resources have revealed that the search engine giants and the leaders in online advertisement Google are planning to expand their range of advertisement options. The company has decided to include rich media ads, which include interstitials, expanding ads, and floating ads.

Google has also apparently called in some of their high profile customers to beta test these new ad formats, which would go beyond traditional contextual advertisement formats. Market analysts believe that the new form of ads would be relevant to the focus of the website rather than the content on a particular page.

However, nothing has been revealed by the search engine company and there is nothing is confirmed on what kind of plans they have in store for us. Nevertheless, knowing Google and their previous similar plans, if the beta testing goes on well, they would soon be rolling out these new ads to their regular range of customers.

Google might be targeting their competitors in the market like Fastclick, PointRoll and Falk eSolutions with these new advertisement solutions to cover all the major form of advertisement technologies. In addition, many AdSense users have noticed that the new generation browsers make it easier for the web users to block the regular Google AdSense. They might have certain plans to counter these threats to their online advertisement business.

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