GMail on WAP

There are two main opinions about GMail in people’s mind. One is the coolness factor where people are amazed by the technology, the massive 1GB web space, and the Google name. Then other are the promoters of web standards who blast GMail for lack of accessibility. GMail is claimed to be the most non-web like application online today because of the way it works. The browser support is minimal with only the latest versions of browsers supported.

The problem with accessibly is that people without the proper resources are unable to access their GMail on the move. Therefore, open source movement is coming to their rescue. GMail on Mobile is one such effort, which is freely downloadable from the web. It is a set of php files, which anyone can use and upload on a server to access GMail from a WAP browser. A large number of mobile instruments support WAP. Even desktop WAP browsers are available. Browsers like Opera have inbuilt WAP support and Firefox/Mozilla can access WAP sites using an extension. It offers minimal functionality compared to original GMail, but works well for mobile users.

TechWhack has a demo installation here. It works well for me. Just would like to clarify that, this installation is the exact set of files from Sourceforge. I have not tempered them in any form. Still, I would not be responsible for any damage occurring from its usage. If you want to test it for yourself, GMail on WAP can be download from here.

Update: Test installation has been removed because of technical reasons.

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