Globus Consortium from Global Tech Giants

Globus Consortium from Global Tech Giants

Grid Computer is an exciting field to be in. There are endless possibilities as you get access to virtually unlimited amount of computing resources. If used correctly it can beat any supercomputer and that is the reason why tech giants of the Internet world are taking a step ahead to make use of it for the benefit of everyone.

Until now grid computing had been used in areas like tackling big scientific applications like climate modeling, high-energy physics, earthquake simulations, and genetic research. Seti applied it for searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence while World Community Grid used it for medical research. The latest news in is that IT companies like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and others are joining forces together to start a new Grid Computing chain to be called Globus Consortium.

They would use this network to manage an open-source software package called the Globus Toolkit. This would in the end help universities, companies, and individual users run complicated tasks without spending much on new hardware and software. They are being supported in this initiative by corporations like Univa.

There are other companies like Oracle working on their own Grid networks, which they started with Enterprise Grid Alliance.

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