Gladinet Cloud for Teams updated with a bunch of new features

Gladinet has updated their Gladinet Cloud for Teams product platform with a couple of new features:

Gladinet Cloud for Teams updated with a bunch of new features

File and Folder Sharing

With team folders in the old version, the team administrator can publish a folder for a team to share. This use case caters to team collaboration within the same company.
In the new version, now you can share files and folders with anyone has an e-mail address, so there are no more sharing limitations.

With the new product, you start sharing by simply clicking on the Sharing button inside the web based file explorer. If you have the desktop client installed, you can also share from Windows Explorer.

HTML 5 Multiple File Upload

For new web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 (currently only available in Windows 8 Preview), HTML 5 File Upload is supported. This allows you to initiate an upload by multi-selecting files in Windows Explorer and then dropping them directly into the browser window.

Flash-based Multiple File Upload

For Internet Explorer 9 and others that doesn’t support HTML5 file upload, there is a flash-based multiple file upload. You can find it in the Upload->Advanced Upload menu selection shown below.

Improved UI

There are many small UI improvements here and there to make the web-based file explorer more like your regular Windows Explorer experience.

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