GadgetTrak launches CameraTrace

GadgetTrak has announced the launch of their camera tracking service named CameraTrace.

The service monitors the photos uploaded online for serial numbers in their database and alerts you if any of them were taken from a camera owned by you.

The idea is simple. You pay a small fee to join their network and if the camera is stolen or lost, you can find out if someone else is using the same camera to share images online.

They are charging a one-time fee of USD 10 per device. The company said:

CameraTrace now provides premium services including the ability to register a camera and receive real-time notifications when new images are found. Also included in the one-time $10 premium service fee is a metallic “Lost & Found Tag” with a unique serial number that provides an easy way for someone who finds a lost camera to get in touch with the owner. The tag also serves as a warning to would-be-thieves that the device is registered with the system.

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