Fujitsu enters the portable storage market

Fujitsu enters the portable storage market

Japanese hardware maker Fujitsu has announced their plans to enter the market of storage makers for portable devices. The company also expanded their products in the hard disk segment. They are now making an entry into the market for 1.8-inch micro drives for portable music players, video cameras, and ultra-portable notebooks.

The company is collaborating with Cornice on jointly producing the 1.8-inch drives and has plans to introduce a 120-gigabyte (GB) micro drive in the first half of fiscal 2007. The upcoming plans are to launch a high-capacity 200 GB hard drives for mobile PCs to meet the demand for increased storage.

Fujitsu is aiming to corner around 30% of the market share for such portable computing devices. They are currently trailing Hitachi in making hard disks for portable computers. Fujitsu has further plans to launch a range of hard disk capable of operating at 7,200 rpm for higher end personal computers.

In addition, they would also be launching hard disks using the latest perpendicular magnetic recording technology in the coming months. Seagate has the lead in this segment with products already available in the market. Fujitsu would also be launching enterprise models that run at 10,000 rpm with 147 GB capacity and 15,000 rpm with 300 GB capacity.

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