Yahoo! might offer free Wi-Fi to Yahoo! Messenger users

Yahoo! might offer free Wi-Fi to Yahoo! Messenger users

Search engine company and the developers of the popular instant messenger application (Yahoo! Messenger), Yahoo! is considering offering free access to tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide.

This service would enable these Yahoo! Messenger users to stay connected to their buddies while on the move where supported Wi-Fi network is present. Yahoo! had recently conducted a result amongst their users but has not clarified if they are really going to move ahead with this plan.

Incoming reports suggest that the company might even offer a paid option to these users to access the net through applications other than the Yahoo! Messenger application. That survey page suggested that the prices could range from $2.95 for a two-hour connection to US$7.95 per month.

This is just another possible market to expand into for these web services companies considering a lot of people are now looking at the option of staying connected to the internet while on the move. Google is massively investing into setting up Wi-Fi networks in various cities around USA, which would provide ad-supported free internet connectivity.

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