Intel to introduce methods to save power consumption of chips

Intel to introduce methods to save power consumption of chips

One of the biggest problems faced in microprocessor development is the amount of power consumed by the various components. This leads to more heat produced by the chips. The latest news in from the Tech Giant is that their engineers are working on developing new ways to keep their chips cool and would be releasing information related to two of these technologies in the coming weeks.

They call their latest technology Foxton Technology which is a power-saving technique for Itanium chips. It works by speeding up or slowing down chips’ clocks, depending on the demands of the software the system is running. Chips powered with this technology would be able to increase or decrease the voltages and frequencies in small amount to counter the heating problems.

Intel would be releasing the details on the technology in a paper to be presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco later this week. Another technical development to be discussed in the same conference from the world’s largest chipmaker is related to a power-saving technology called demand-based switching.

Intel would later this year incorporate both of these technologies in the forthcoming Montecito Itanium chip. It would be first 64-bit microprocessor from Intel that would be using two processing cores on a single silicon die. This structure improves the processor performance and keeps the chips cooler.

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