Fox Home Entertainment to support Blu-Ray DVD Format

Fox Home Entertainment to support Blu-Ray DVD Format

Fox Home Entertainment has finally announced that they are planning to support the Blu-Ray format for the establishment of a future standard for DVDs. The move was long expected and it has now been confirmed by the media giant. This latest announcement means that the top six studios of the entertainment industry are now equally divided on the issue of choosing between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD format.

Fox Home Entertainment is now supporting the group consisting of Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment along with MGM who have decided to favor the Sony’s Blu-Ray format. This format supports larger storage capacities and is also expected to arrive with the Sony’s much-awaited gaming console Sony Playstation 3.

Toshiba’s HD DVD has on its side movie studios like Warner Home Video (with New Line and HBO), Paramount Home Entertainment, and Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Their format comes with lower capacities when compared to Blu-Ray technology though is expected to give a smoother transition to the end customers. It is also expected to cost less when compared to the competition.

Fox in a statement has said that Blu-ray companies “fully embrace the studio’s steadfast commitment to the fight against piracy and the preservation of the integrity of its properties. In fact, Fox’s commitment to publish on Blu-ray is a direct result of the organization’s recent adoption of copyright protection measures, including renewable security, that address the needs and concerns of the studio and the entire Hollywood community.”

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