Foursquare raises $50 million in funding

Foursquare raises $50 million in funding

Foursquare has made an announcement that they have just raised $50 million in funding.

TechCrunch claims that this has been one of the most secretive raising of funds in the recent times.

Foursquare spoke about the new developments in a blog post:

The additional capital will allow us to move more quickly; we can hire more engineers (we’re hiring in New York and San Francisco!), evolve our merchant offerings, expand internationally, and try a ton of new things.

The company added:

Foursquare is not just about the check-in, or recommendations, or points, or badges. It’s about making the world easier to use. It’s about discovering new places, connecting with friends, and forging new relationships with the places you visit. It’s finding new ways to layer technology on the real world.

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