Fortis Medical team reaches Nepal to provide care to earthquake victims

First batch of 70 member team of Doctors and medical support to treat victims in the interiors

The first batch of doctors and medical care professionals from Fortis Healthcare Limited (Fortis), has reached Kathmandu today with medical supplies and other basic necessary goods to provide emergency medical help to quake victims.

The batch of 25 doctors and medical support volunteers is led by Fortis Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Ashish Bhatia. Emergency medical supplies including antibiotics, anti-infective, general medicines have been rushed to support Paramedics, Obstetrician, Orthopaedic and general trauma injuries, as alsomedical sutures to take care of first line surgical stabilization.

Fortis is carrying over two and a half ton of emergency medicines, tents, tarpaulin sheets, packaged foods, and first aid boxes, basic hygiene kits like diapers, soap, dental kit, water bottles and towels in this Project- SEWA, a disaster relief initiative. The employees at Fortis have contributed compassionately for the victims.

Team Fortis SEWA is working with the local administration to mount relief operations where they are most needed. The team will move into the interiors and rural areas where the help is much required. The other necessary goods like packaged food, basic hygiene kits, tarpaulin sheets and others items are also being distributed among people.

Jasbir Grewal, Executive Vice President, Fortis, said, “ The first batch of the medical support group left today with emergency supplies to bring solace to the many grievously injured and serve our brothers and sisters devastated by the quake. We believe that our effort will help heal people who have suffered during the recent natural calamity. Our endeavour is to help those in need and overcome pain and provide warmth. We are working in association with the administration for best possible help to people.”

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