Ford Motors not looking for Government help

Ford Motors not looking for Government help

US based automotive giants Ford Motors has claimed that they are not looking for government’s assistant to come out of the financial mess they are currently stuck in. This statement from the company comes out after the president of US, George Bush said in a statement earlier this week saying that the auto companies in the country need to develop relevant products to stay competitive.

Bush also added that none of the three biggies in the auto market has asked for any help from the government. Ford however also added that their were many steps it could take with the federal government to help its business but that does not mean that they would seek a financial bailout.

Dan Brouillette, Ford’s vice president of government affairs said in a statement: “Ford has not asked for — and is not interested in — a government bailout.” Many US congressional representatives have suggested that the government should put up policies to benefit the domestic auto companies to survive the Japanese assault, which is getting stronger and stronger every year.

Companies like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are increasingly improving their position in the US auto market with new innovative products leaving Ford and GM in a lurch.

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