Ford asking for inputs from employees and dealers

Ford asking for inputs from employees and dealers

US based automotive giants Ford Motors seems to be looking for newer ideas to get back to profitability in their domestic market. The company made big losses last year and are cutting their workforce and shutting down plants to cut costs. The latest news in is that the company is now asking their employees and dealers to give their feedback on stuff which can help the company get back on track.

Ford is reportedly mailing a 12-page brochure, which includes a detachable, postage-paid response card to every Ford employee and dealership in North America. This is aimed at getting feedback from the involved members to get back innovative ideas and concepts. This comes in addition to a similar section on their online website where more than 1000 Ford employees have submitted their comments and suggestions.

Chief Executive Officer Bill Ford has also shown interest in getting a feedback on some of the best-submitted ideas and concepts from this survey. He is planning to further discuss these during a meeting with top executives. Ford is in big trouble considering their sales of automobiles in US have fallen down considerably. The company sold just around 2.95 million cars last year compared to 4 million vehicles sold in 2000.

However, market experts believe that this survey might just become an expensive form of old-fashioned suggestion boxes, which seldom leads to drastic changes in the functioning of a corporation.

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