Flock is now based on Chromium instead of Firefox!

This came as a major surprise. Flock developers have ditched Firefox for Chromium as the base of their web browser!

The company has announced a major update to their web browser product. It is a complete revamp as they are shifting to the same engine that powers the Google Chrome web browser.

The developers said that this enables them to provide a much faster and friendlier product for their fans.

	Flock is now based on Chromium instead of Firefox!

They have also decided to use Google as their new default search engine.

Flock said: “Our interactions with people online have changed everything about the way we discover, shop, work and play. The new Flock is designed to naturally complement the value we place in relationships and puts you at the center of your friends and their conversations while you browse the Web. Conventional browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari aren’t built to bring together the conversations and content that matter to each user. Flock is the only browser with the best of the social Web built-in.”

New features:

Surf the Web with incredible speed. Flock starts up instantly and loads pages and complex Internet applications faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Expand one’s social universe to include all social media assets in one place – videos, pictures, status, tweets, favorites, feeds and history. Anything that lives in the social network world now lives in the browser, presented in a way that is clean and easy to see and use. Add multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube along with any RSS or ATOM feeds in one, easy-to-access place. Update status on Facebook and multiple Twitter accounts from the same location. Integrated support for business networking site LinkedIn is in development and will be available later this summer.

Cut through the clutter with Groups and “Channel Surf” the Web. Simply click to edit or drag and drop to group people, topics, news, information and RSS/ATOM feeds. Group friends and others from different social networks along with content feeds from any Web site.

Organize people and content in whatever way the user likes (e.g., baseball friends and sports scores, school buddies and alumni news, professional contacts and industry events, etc.) See the information from the people and places users care about and view only the groups they are interested in at any given time.

Always be a part of the conversation. Log in from anywhere to get friends, feeds and groups, located conveniently in both the browser screen and in the right-hand scrolling sidebar designed to complement the browsing experience.

From the URL bar or the sidebar, only Flock Explore™ lets users search and discover what friends, feeds, and favorite Web sites have to say on any topic of interest. Search the Internet using Flock’s new default search engine, industry-leader Google.

Tweet or post to Facebook or share content with one click. Respond, reply and retweet without leaving the page a user is on.

Share effortlessly while browsing. Start a conversation by sharing any Web content no matter where it originates from. Users have full control to choose to make their favorite sites and feeds public or private.

Link multiple social profiles to one person via “click and drag”, and access that information in the browser.

Use the browser that affords Web content the greatest amount of screen real estate available on the market. The new Flock browser has been designed to maximize the on-screen space available for Web sites, pages and applications; and to minimize the screen real estate required for the Flock browser, including its tabs and buttons. Flock’s user interface occupies less on-screen real estate by default than Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Create an account and back up favorite bookmarks, Groups, RSS, content and settings online – once. Always have access to people, content and groups any time, from anywhere.

Extensions allow users to further customize their Flock browser experience. And because the new Flock browser is built on the same technology as Google Chrome, the catalog of options is expanding rapidly, with thousands of Chrome extensions available to choose from today.

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