Flickr collaborates with Nokia for improved maps on their platform

Flickr collaborates with Nokia for improved maps on their platform

Flickr has just announced a deal with Nokia for their mapping platform.

Flickr is now using Nokia Maps for their platform. This provide Flickr users a much better geotagging experience with their shared photographs.

Flickr said that they continue to work with OpenStreetMap community for the regions where commercial maps from Nokia (and other sources) are not very good.

The idea is to offer the best maps for different regions considering Flickr users are scattered around the world and they travel to exotic places.

Flickr spoke about the new developments:

First, we’ve partnered with Nokia to bring you their map style and satellite images. Whether you’re geotagging one of your photos, discovering places, or simply want to see where other people’s amazing images were taken – you’ll see up-to-date maps from one of the largest and best mapping providers in the world. Our new maps will provide you a much greater level of detail and let you zoom in much further than before.

Second, we continue to work with the Open Street Map (OSM) community and automatically provide OSM map tiles for areas where commercial maps don’t have full coverage. One amazing thing about Flickr is that you travel all across the world and take photos. We need to have the best maps – even in the most exotic places – and partnering with the OSM community allows us to give you high quality maps everywhere.

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